Message from President

CEO Katsuhiro Ohnaka

Invention of Services
 -Remain with your vocation

 When I began to establish my company, unusual image turned over my mind, “I shall given birth the vocation itself one after another to people”. It is not to mention any kind of business can start an enterprise. Fortunately, I have been worked as a software engineer in the front line from early period of computer industry in Japan, so I had a clear vision that software business were determined on the center of our enterprise.

 After having a sales experience later, I was more aware of fact that future of IT business can show a significant growth and change. I believed in the bright future that the wide variety of jobs in this industry would be generated someday. Human beings innately have creative power based on one’s individuality. So I intended to keep on providing people with various kinds of vocations from the attractive IT field.

 Today, our staffs assume vital roles in system engineering professions to meet customer-specific software or product development. It is also our proud that we are probably the only software company in Japan whose every English support staff has earned over 850 score of TOEIC.

 These achievements are realized by “Invention of Services”, which means earnestly understanding of trend of the age providing available services to the society. In other words, a company is given a meaning to exist because of its usefulness, and people who join such public institution to succeed carving out a career for himself and to be happy, so that we hold them up to our corporate ideals.