System Engineering Support (SE,NE Dispatch)

System Engineering Support

 This business is called System Engineering Services (SES) . We don’t offer products, but offer "engineering service with software development and construction of network systems to customers.

 Our company offers the service of developing a professional system which assumes important infrastructures of the society. This service style is called "support". The contents include a wide variety: new business planning and analysis, development and construction, inspection and evaluation, operation and maintenance, and many of our SE (System Engineer)play active roles in them.

 I introduce some of them. As case systems obviously include sales know-how of customers, the details can'tbe told to you at all. Namely, sales engineers in our company are required to have high moral value.

(1) Megabank System

 We are innovating various systems: Core System for megabanks of The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp., and Mizuho Bank, and major banks like Resona Bank, Foreign-exchange Management System, Loan Exposure Management System (they are all mega-system), Various Office-work Processing System for efficiency of the office work in banks. A small one takes a few months, on the other a large one takes more than a year for the development. Our system engineers join these projects.

(2) Rental System

 For example, a rental car system for major leasing companies is based on information of a rental period, a type of vehicles, and rental location of the office. It searches the car meeting customer's conditions in a certain area and notifies clients of the searching result. Then the system instructs assignment of the cars, from which are left in each office, to utilize them most effectively. Our company is planning this system.

(3) Assisting the Introduction of ERP Package

 For major companies, we offer assistance of the introduction of "SAP" System (a biggest software company in Europe) which is "ERP package" taking a large share in the world. We also offer the customized operation for responding to the specific requests from users after its introduction.

(4) MFP Platform Development

 SDK for installing a specific function of users in MFP(combined machine)
*SDK= System Developer Kits

(5) Development for Internet Banking

 In order that internet banking can be used with PC and smartphones, we conduct the development for text revision and compatible function from basics.

(6) Server System Construction for Civil Service

 We conduct a replacement of server systems for the core-operation system of central ministries and the residents-management system of local governments.

(7) Inspection and Evaluation of the System for Major Travel Companies

 We conduct inspection and evaluation of whether its design specifications are created based on the contract, and whether completed products deserve for the acceptance test.