Offshore Development
(Overseas, Commissiond Development)

 We commission partner companies in Vietnam to develop application-software and common-software parts. Development centers in Hanoi, Da-Nang, and Ho Chi Minh are connected with VPN, conducting process control and quality control, and we deliver them to customers after inspection in Japan.

Moving Video Distribution System of Educational
Materials for Life Insurance Companies

 This system enables to distribute different moving video to hundreds of destinations in Japan until the designated delivery day. This also distributes moving video with its best combination automatically depending on the speed of communication lines with each destination and the size of contents.

Cryptographic Communication Prototype (NICT)

 This realizes cryptographic technique of academic essays on a computer.

Interface Development for Smartphones

 Recently, smartphones have come to be used all over the world. Our company in system development is also conducting offshore development in Vietnam for the module of smartphone input.