Software Development

President's Tool Series (Self-developed Package)

 President's Tool Series is developed software with various ideas which have been compiled in our company so far. This is exactly what people want because it is proved with actual practice and based on the viewpoints of a manager and a supervisor.

(1) Attendance Management System

 All the labor management can be unified for official employees, contract employees,temporary staffs, and dispatched workers. Since working time can be set for not only each individual pattern but also daily irregular patterns, this will make it easier for you to calculate salary or a dispatch charge.

 An operator can input and apply for working conditions from anywhere in the world as long as one has a network environment. Then, all kinds of labor management of a paid holiday, overtime work, holiday work, as well as working hours is capable with the internet. Of course, smartphone input is available.

(2) Stock Management System

 Most of unlisted companies are family companies. The investment in your company is probably made by families, relatives, friends, and executives by themselves. Stock transfer (trade) among these people concerned is ruled strictly by tax law. You don’t want to pay it if possible.

 "How much can we make a trade at, then?" This system answers the question. When issuing a new stock, a "present" reasonable price turns out by controlling time-series data such as an accepted price, a sales price, and a purchase price. This system is essential for owners.

(3) Cost Estimation System

 "Sales of service" including labor costs requires understanding of specific cost. This automatically calculates salary, overtime work, a bonus, social insurance premium,and labor insurance premium, in addition to a transportation cost, and then figures out the cost price. By using this, a cost rate is calculated with assumed working hours of the upper limit and the lower limit based on monthly regular-working hours, which is very appreciated for its clear profitability.

(4) Home Page System

 Nowadays, every company has its own Home Page. Our HP System offers not only the contents open to the public which you are looking at now, but also the contents for employees. An announcement from a company to employees is made by the function of "announcement upload sub-system", which doesn’t need special technical knowledge and can be easily replaced and uploaded. As for the employees, they can download the necessar application form anytime with the internet at home, and in fact Attendance Management System can be used from the contents for employees.

 For example, if you can access the contents for employees at the time of a disaster, writing for safety confirmation is available to the specific pages from all over the world. You can add various functions corresponding with the needs in your company, and can make your own HP system.

(5) Skill-sheet Making System

 It is essential to make a presentation of the staff with a skill sheet for an engineering-service company. Consequently, we have developed the system which can make multiple pages of clear skill sheets and save them to DB.

(6) Other Systems

 We offer other systems as props such as "Estimate and Invoice Management System" which enables an input of fraction number calculated on a pro-rate basis with 5/30 man-month and the like,"Asset Management System", and "Contract-Register Management System"

Commissioned Development System

 "Commissioned Development" is to develop the system by hearing requests from customers and deliver it to them. We have created various systems so far,and then will introduce 2 of them.

(1) Real-Estate Management System

 This enables to manage the multiple tasks collectively such as, detail information on handling property, an inquiry of business, business progress, etc. It also has a function of information reference from owner side, designed to obtain considering information for the necessity of changing sales condition.

(2) International-Delivery Sales Management System

 This enables to do a series of paperwork: pickup, customs, delivery, invoicing,and recovery with a minimum work seamlessly.