On-site Technical Translation
(Send English Personnel)

 With globalization of business, we offer English personnel qualified with TOEIC score of more than 850 to customer’s office. They can interpret, translate both Japanese into English and English into Japanese for technical documents, negotiate and arrange with foreigners, and work as an office-work assistant. Of course, overseas business trip for long time is available.

Supporting Telephone Conference and TV Conference

 Translation of E-mail with a software developer in English, and interpretation of telephone conference and TV conference are supported.

English Translation and Japanese Translation of Technical Documents and E-mail

 Translation of technical documents, English translation and Japanese translation of E-mail are supported.

Conducting Quality Test, English Translation and Japanese Translation of its Report

 We conduct following tests: a product test for developing new products, a reproduction test for failure in the market. For both cases, we do English translation and Japanese translation for coming fill-in form and its response, because it requires communication with overseas venders.

Overseas Negotiation (Overseas Support)

English Translation of Homepage

 As globalization in the field of internet has been advancing, homepages and documents of customers are requested to be written in English. We have Translation result in IT field as follows.

>>Homepage notifying financial products for overseas branches of city banks
>>Homepage notifying use guidelines of a university library in Japan
>>English translation of operation manuals and screen design concerning export of package systems of Japanese companies.